How to use it?


Golf Analysis Tool is a free web post-analysis tool that allows a golfer to self-evaluate his/her game, comparing its statistics with previous games and with other golfers. The evaluation relies on making a manual registration of strokes based on our own classification model and then get a report with statistics. The statistics should help users to understand their games and define improvement goals for the next games.

How it works?

The tool requires a user account obtained with registration created through Facebook or locally.

The Home page is the entry point available upon login. It provides a dashboard with the Overall statistics, the Top 5 users and the evolution of your golfing metrics.

The Games page is a central part of the process where you begin by creating a new game. You will need to input the name of the game, course and your handicap. You firstly introduce the game starting by the Scorecard and then you will need to qualify our game, taking around 15min - 35min. It takes some time but it is worth to check your statistics and keep record of your evolution.

The Statistics that composes our tool have been continuously improving based on the same model that includes: Game summary; Results per stroke category; Top problems; Average stroke above par and Shot analysis including the PGA type metrics Drive Accuracy and Proximity to hole. The tool can produce a pdf report with your statistics or share them via email with your peers and your instructor.

Another key component is the Benchmark that will allow you to compare the game with other users/friends for the same course and tournament. You can also check our video with an online demo of how to use the tool.

Contact us

We hope it become clear and you can better understand your game. Our objective is to continuously make improvements and thus if you have any difficulty, contact our technical support at